Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Inspiration!

Last night I was a guest at DIFFA‘s annual fundraiser, Dining By Design. The gala dinner is one of the design world’s most anticipated events of the year. The concept is simple, but fabulous: local and national designers create amazingly elaborate tables and party-goers get to walk around and check out the dining rooms. With Thanksgiving only a week away, I’ve had turkey day decor on my mind, so I couldn’t help but be inspired by the terrific tablescapes. Here are a couple of trends I noticed:

Statement chairs. It’s not only about the table and servingware, the chairs are incredibly important to the dining room’s look. From modern lucite chairs to long-backed chairs that were carved from wood to non-traditional furniture like couches, designers used bold seating to add polish and pizazz to the dining room.

One floral color. Most tables had beautiful flower arrangements, but instead of bouquets that featured a lot of different colors, the trend was to select one color only. For a sophisticated look, designers chose one color and used only one flower, but for depth and added texture, others chose one color and multiple kinds of flowers.

Creative placecards. Although some tables lacked placecards, the ones that had them were my favorite. One designer used colored tape to spell out each guest’s name. Another attached the cards to ribbon and hung the ribbon from the back of the chairs. Placecards are a great way to give a table more personality and designers were clearly having fun with them.

Embellished plates. I’ve never seen so many stunning chargers: there were gold and diamond trimmed plates, delicate floral-printed plates, hand blown glass plates, and shiny black plates.

If you’ve got a killer collection of china, now’s the time to take it out and show it off!

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