My Thanksgiving Menu

With only a few short days until Thanksgiving, I thought it was time for me to share my menu! This year the celebration is intimate with just my brother and parents at my grandfather’s house. After selecting the dishes, I’ve decided to call it a classic Thanksgiving with a twist. Most of the items are pretty traditional, but with one or two small unexpected elements.

For appetizers, I’ve been saving a can of imported French foie gras that a friend gave me awhile back. We’ll have it on toast with smoky almonds and olives as nibbles on the side. My dad and I haven’t discussed pre-meal snacks, but maybe we’ll have some oysters or shrimp, too. I love starting Thanksgiving with seafood. It’s so luxurious! To drink: bubbly!

We’re (my father and I: we’re in charge of the cooking!) making rosemary crusted turkey with pan gravy for the main course. We put it in the brine last night, so it will have a good 48 hours before it gets dried out in the fridge. You may be wondering what the twist is with this recipe, as an herb butter turkey seems pretty common. Well, we are going to try cooking it in a bag. We’ve never done this before, but it supposedly ensures super moist and succulent meat. If you’ve got any tips, I would love to hear them!

My brother believes that mashed potatoes are a waste of space of the Thanksgiving plate, so they are off the menu. Instead we’ve got a smorgasbord of scrumptious sounding sides: sourdough, wild mushroom, and bacon dressing, sweet potatoes with blue cheese, kale salad, and citrus-sherry cranberry sauce.

Although I don’t think pumpkin pie is a necessary finish to turkey day, for the past two years I’ve made alternative desserts, so this November, I’m craving pumpkin pie. Not just any old pumpkin pie, but pumpkin butterscotch pie. Now that the menu is finalized, it’s time to start cooking!

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