4 Easy Holiday Table Decorations

I went to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up some flowers for a tablescape and as I was standing there I realized I didn’t really like any of the flowers. Red tulips would make a beautiful arrangement, but tulips rarely last more than a few days. Alstroemeria stays fresh for about a week, but the pink color wasn’t festive enough. Thus, instead of purchasing some flowers to make a centerpiece, I started thinking about other items that could be used to create a pretty table setting. A white tablecloth, after all, is like a blank canvas; it can be decorated with just about anything. Here’s what I came up with — four quick and affordable ideas that are perfect for any holiday table.

Candy. Pick up a couple bags of Christmas candy from the store and fill different sized vessels with the treats. Arrange in the middle of the table.

Candles. A bunch of candles are the easiest decoration ever! Simply line them up in a chic pattern and you’ve got sophisticated atmosphere and an illuminating centerpiece.

Tinsel. I love decorating with tinsel. It’s shiny and comes in every color. It takes two seconds to drape a large piece across the middle of the table.

Wrapping paper. If you’re worried about a tablecloth getting dirty, cover it with wrapping paper. You can recycle the paper after the meal is over.

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