Concannon Winery Launches New Whiskey

A couple of Christmases ago, my uncle pulled out a case of Concannon wine. He was proud to introduce the family to the wines (I especially like their Syrah) because we’re related to the Concannons! My great grandmother was Mary Concannon, the founder of the winery’s sister. I’ve been sipping Concannon wines ever since and have been wanting to take a trip up to the winery for some time now. Naturally, I was delighted to learn that the winery was getting into the spirit business with Concannon Whiskey.

Last night was the launch party for the whiskey; it hosted by the fabulous Bon Vivants at a warehouse space in the Mission. The event was super fun with an Irish boxing match and hearty rueben sandwiches. The whiskey was showcased in two libations: a delectable lemon and apple juice punch and classic Irish coffee with orange whipped cream.

It was also served neat. It’s a light female-friendly whiskey that’s super smooth and very easy to drink. It’s reminiscent of Jameson, but with a subtle vanilla flavor. The double-distilled whiskey is aged in old barrels from the winery. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle — it seems like a great whiskey for making cocktails.

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