What I’ve Been Eating

Fashion bloggers are always posting about the clothes they are wearing, so I’ve decided to share more about my daily meals. Lots of times I invent things or practice new cooking techniques without writing down any recipes. Now, I’ll show some of this to you. Normally I’m cooking for myself and wish I had someone who could taste the dishes with me. Also, I love going out to eat at new restaurants and will highlight some of my favorite dishes.

This week I ate a lot of great items. Last Monday night I went to a Bachelor viewing party where the hostess had decorated a plain cheese pizza with a roasted red pepper heart. How cute is that idea? For Valentine’s Day, a couple of girlfriends and I got together for an intimate tomato soup and grilled cheese dinner. My best friend made Michael Chiarello’s tomato soup, but left out the cream.

It was spectacular with a wonderful comforting tomato flavor. I definitely want to try and make this soup again.

Later in the week I made a pizza with ingredients I had at home. I thawed frozen puff pastry for the crust and topped it with three types of cheese: smoked gouda, grana padano, and mozzarella. I used up some old broccoli and emptied jars of sun-dried tomatoes and pimentos that I had in the fridge.

Sometimes it’s nice to make a meal out of odds and ends; it ended up being delicious!

A friend was hosting her annual Mardi Gras party, so I made a giant pot of red beans. I love Emeril Lagasse’s recipe. It has four types of pork (bacon fat, ham, ham hocks, and sausage) and tastes incredibly authentic. To get in the spirit, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich inspired by NOLA’s classic sandwich, the muffaletta.

I made a quick olive salad with black olives, pimento-stuffed olives, capers, shallot, and Mezzetta hot mix. I layered this with leftover ham and smoked sausage from the red beans. I used smoked gouda and grana padano, then slow-toasted the whole thing. It was meaty, but fabulous.

Finally, I made an excellent and easy breakfast. I enjoy making baked eggs because they are filling and uncomplicated. I roasted a small sweet potato with sliced onions and fresh thyme. When the veggies were tender, I cracked an egg on top and drizzled a little cream over it. I baked it in the oven and in 15 minutes, I had a delightful little brunch!

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