Salad on Spreecast: An Interactive Reality-Based Cooking Show

Today I joined a new social media website that’s video based. It’s called Spreecast and making a video on it is sort of like traveling to the future! You can produce and create live content using just the video and microphone on your computer, but the cool thing is that anyone can watch it and interact with you. They can ask questions or even join you on camera and chime in. There’s tons of possibilities with Spreecast; for example, it’s a great tool for interviews. You can interview anyone from any location in the world. Oh and you can embed the videos you make on your own website.

Since I was just fooling around with it for the first time, (I hope to experiment with it more!) I hosted an interactive reality-based cooking show. I made a chopped salad with romaine lettuce, parsley leaves, pickled red onions, shaved manchego cheese, croutons, kidney beans, soft boiled egg, and dijon vinaigrette.

Making Salad on Spreecast

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