10 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Half Birthday

It might sound crazy or just plain silly, but I celebrate my half birthday. In fact, today is my half birthday and tonight, I’m throwing an intimate French dinner for eleven fabulous friends! If I were to determine the start of my family’s custom of commemorating half birthdays, I’d say it originated exactly 20 years ago. My mom threw my father a surprise 40th birthday. Only the party wasn’t on his birthday, which is September 14th, it was on his half birthday, March 14th.

I was ten and naturally, thought the concept of a half birthday, was fantastic. Since my birthday is two short days after my dad’s, it was easy for me to figure out when my half birthday was and to demand a celebration. The rest is family history. We all celebrate our half birthdays and the tradition is even starting to rub off on some friends. I hope that it rubs off on you too. Here are 10 reasons why I love half birthdays:

  1. It’s a wonderful excuse to throw a party.
  2. It’s a wonderful excuse to make a decadent dessert.
  3. It’s a wonderful excuse to buy yourself a small gift.
  4. It’s a wonderful excuse to go out to a nice restaurant.
  5. It’s a wonderful excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly.
  6. It’s incredibly awesome when you wish someone a half birthday and they don’t even know it’s their half birthday. It’s a serious way to brighten someone’s day.
  7. If your birthday falls on an unfortunate day in the calendar, say the day after Christmas, you can throw an amazing party on your half birthday, June 26th, instead.
  8. If your birthday is in a season that you dislike, say you’ve always wanted to have a pool party for a birthday, but you’re birthday is in January, you can have the pool party on your half birthday in July!
  9. It’s super fun! Trust me, host af half birthday celebration and you’ll have a lot of fun.
  10. It’s a way of celebrating life.

Don’t know when your half birthday is? It’s simple: it’s six months after your real birthday. My birthday is September 16th, so my half birthday is March 16th. My brother’s birthday is July 14th, so his half birthday is January 14th. Get it?

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Half Birthday

  1. I always wish people happy half birthday and they often don’t even remember it! Mine’s next month. I’m thinking of doing a post about it on my blog, which is about birthdays.

  2. I have a good story to go with my start on half birthdays. When we first got married, my half birthday came first, and so I innocently asked my bride “what are you getting me for my half birthday”…she did wonderful, and a tradition was born. May 1971.

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