How to Make Tying the Knot Engagement Party Invites

My oldest friend Emily is getting married to an amazing guy named Krys. They got engaged right before Christmas and plan on celebrating their nuptials in summer of 2013. I was so excited that I offered to throw their engagement party. Emily is an extended member of my family and it only seemed natural to host the event at my parents’ house in Petaluma. Since the wedding is going to be on a farm with lots of DIY touches, the engagement party will be a little fancier with a wonderful spread of cocktails and appetizers. The color scheme is black, white, and gold and the theme is tying the knot.

When I first thought of the invitations, I wanted to incorporate some sort of knotted ribbon or thread. Emily found this awesome wedding invitation that served as inspiration for the invites. After a few failed attempts, we figured out how to make an invite that, when opened, would have a piece of golden thread that creates a knot. The guest ties the knot as the invite is opened. Cool, right?

I used Paper Source’s A9 gatefold invitation enclosure for the main backing. It’s two little doors that you open and the text is found inside. Emily had a spool of lovely golden twine and we decided it looked elegant but rustic at the same time — which was perfect for the invite. I’m thrilled with the way these invites came out! I’ve been getting an awesome response from the guests too, everyone seems to love tying the knot. Below are photos demonstrating the process that went into making them.

Supplies: paper cutter, folded enclosure cards, shiny envelopes, golden twine, large needle.

1. Cut each enclosure card in half.

2. Cut the text down to size. It should fit inside the enclosure backing. I made the text part in Photoshop Elements. The font is Noteworthy.

3. Glue the text inside the backing.

4. Poke a hole with a large needle in one side of the backing.

5. Fold the card closed and poke a hole in the other side. You want the holes to be even.

6. Thread the hole through one side and tie a not to close it and keep it in place.

7. Measure the length of the invite. The thread should be a couple of inches longer than the length of the invite.

8. Tie a very loose knot. Then thread the twine into the hole on the other side. Be careful not to tie the knot!

9. Tie a small knot at the end of the twine, so it doesn’t unwind. Slide into the envelope making sure that none of the inside thread is visible. I recommend addressing the envelopes before the invites are inside.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Tying the Knot Engagement Party Invites

  1. I cut the enclosure card in half because I wanted the invite to be smaller. Paper-Source doesn’t make an enclosure card in that size, so I had to get crafty and make my own. Good luck with making these invites!

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