My Current Obsessions

If you know me, you know that when I love something, I really love it. And often times, I become totally obsessed with things. Like nachos or maxi dresses or Spain or Game of Thrones. Today, I thought I would share some of the things I’m currently absolutely in love with.

1. Lately, when I have leftovers or an excess of cheese, vegetable, or protein, I make montaditos. In fact, I plan on making an assortment tonight for my best friend and I: I’m thinking ricotta with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and asparagus, bacon and caramelized shallots, and sharp cheddar with chorizo. I miss Spain and what’s not to love about hot, melty open-faced sandwiches?

2. I’m dying to get a new handbag for spring/summer and the one I’m lusting after is this white beauty by Rebecca Minkoff.

3. Ever since I came across Jonny Raglin’s recipe for a Sidecar in the April issue of Food & Wine (which was an amazing issue, btw), I can’t stop making it. Or craving it! Jonny Raglin is co-owner of one of my favorite bars, Comstock Saloon, and his version of the classic cocktail is to die for. It’s so well balanced it’s insane.

4. This flamingo pillow would look perfect on my pink arm chair. I keep mentioning it to my mom in case she (or anyone else) wants to surprise me with something fabulous, but alas, I’m coveting it from afar.

5. Last summer, my dad and I made the Neely’s grilled fish taco recipe a million times. It’s early in the season, but I already know the recipe that’s going to replace it this year: Saveur‘s grilled fish tacos with creamy chipotle sauce. We made them this weekend and they might have been the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten. Many fish taco recipes call for coleslaw, but in this one, the cabbage is unadorned. It provides a wonderful crunch to the tacos.

6. Although it’s the same initials as my junior high school, I’ve started decorating with my monogram. I’ve also been using monograms as decor in the parties I’m planning.

7. Speaking of party planning, I’m looking into a new career as an event planner. Before I was at Sugar, I gave myself the challenge of hosting a party a month, but somehow work got in the way of my hosting duties. Now, I’m going back to my party-a-month roots. In March I hosted a half birthday dinner, in April an engagement party, and this weekend, in May, I’m hosting a bridal shower. Not sure what June’s party will be. Perhaps a welcome back picnic for a certain world-saving sister? (This image of an outdoor party is from Martha Stewart.)

8. A friend and her husband stayed at my place while I was away for the weekend and when I came home, I was welcomed by the most gorgeous arrangement of pink ranunculus. I’ve decided ranunculus are my favorite flowers. For now at least.

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