How to Make Bridal Shower Invitations

Yesterday I hosted a bridal shower for my favorite cousin, Sarah. She’s the closest to me in age and growing up, we always had the best time together at Christmas, Easter, and every other family function in between. She also loves to cook as much as I do. My mom is her godmother, so it was only natural for us to host Sarah’s shower. Sarah requested a “lavender-ish” color palette and I put together these invites with her in mind. Below are photos demonstrating the process that went into making them.

Supplies: paper cutter, paper edge rounder, stamp (mine is Colonial Stencil from Paper Source), stamp pad, embossing glitter, embosser, cardstock, and envelopes.

1. Start by rounding all the edges of the invite backing. A paper edge cutter makes this really easy. I used Paper Source’s 4-bar cardstock in plum as the backing.

See, isn’t that round edge lovely?

2. Cut the text down to size. I  made the text in Photoshop. I used a purple ink tone, Caflish Script Pro font, and centered everything to the left. To cut costs, I made the invites smaller and printed out four invites on one sheet of paper.

3. Round the edge of the text.

4. Now it’s time for the fun part: embossing! Gently press the stamp onto the ink pad, then press onto one corner of the lavender backing.

5. Rotate the backing and repeat, stamping each corner with the stencil. I wanted each invite to be a little different, so I turned the stamp and placed it on the page differently each time. It doesn’t matter if the whole stamp is on the cardstock. I sometimes let it hang off.

6. Cover the stamped part of the cardstock with embossing glitter. Then shake off the excess. You’ll want to do this step on top of old newspaper or recycled cardstock. Glitter is going to get everywhere.

7. Turn on the embosser and blow dry the ink and glitter. It will magically rise and end up looking really pretty and glittery. Repeat with all the invite backing.

8. Do the same sort of the with the text. Only this time, instead of stamping the stencil onto the corners, stamp it, in random patterns, in between the right side of the text.

9. Cover the stamped part with embossing glitter and blow dry with the embosser. Repeat with the remaining invites. Using a glue stick, mount the text onto the invite backing. Repeat until all the text is glued to the backing and the invites are done. (I didn’t get a photo of this step because my mom did it for me!)

10. Slide into addressed envelopes and send.

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