South American Sky Snapshots

I’ve been spending some time sorting through the 31,903 photos on my computer and recently I came across some cool shots of the sky in South America. It’s interesting to look through five years of photos; I’ve realized more about myself, my life, and its patterns. An example that I just noticed is when I travel someplace I become obsessed with taking a certain type of photo while there. My last trip to Washington DC, I was totally into snapping pics of spring flowers and when I was in South America last fall, I could not stop taking pictures of the sky.

Many of the cities I visited, like La Paz, Copacabana, and Cusco, are above 13,000 feet in altitude. For someone who is used to living life at sea level, it was hard not to be amazed at how much closer the sky was, especially when it was constantly filled with beautiful billowing clouds. I couldn’t stop saying, “look at the sky!”

The above photo was my America’s Next Top Model moment. It was taken the day after my brother and I arrived. We were at Tiwanaku, a site of ancient ruins that predates the Incan culture, and I was on my deathbed. I had the worst altitude sickness and was literally trying not to puke. From the photo, you’d never notice that moments later I was throwing up in the bathroom! Tyra would be so proud. Below, some of my favorite South American sky shots.

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