Debajo De Mis Pies

First warm weekend of 2012. Alamo, CA. Miller High Life beer.

For years, I’ve taken self portraits of myself. This involves me snapping a photo of my feet at any given moment in time. It may seem crazy, but I have an iPhoto album titled Feet with over 100 photos dating back to 2006. Taking these pictures is my way of reminding myself to live in the moment and enjoy life.

One of my favorite songs, by an awesome Spanish band called Fito y los Fitipaldis, is Cerca de las Vias (which translates to Near the Train Tracks). I love this song for lots of reasons, but there’s a line that I always think about. Fito says, “¿Quieres ver el mundo? Mira, está debajo de tus pies.” This means, “You want to see the world? Look down, it’s below your feet.”

It’s true, really, if you want to see the world, look around, look down and you’ll see it. You’re living in it — your world is your present. Thus, every time I look down and take a picture, I remember that this is my world, this is my life, and I should appreciate it. Because in a second, an hour, a day, tomorrow, next week, the ground below my feet will be different.

Anyways, here are some recent feet photos that I’ve taken. I guess, also, in a way, this is my hysterical attempt at being a fashion blogger!

Trish’s birthday. Washington D.C. Betsey Johnson heels, Charley 5.0 jeggings.

The day after Hannah’s wedding. Georgetown, D.C. Urban Outfitters scarf, Earnest Sewn jewns, BCBG sandals.

Job interview. San Francisco, CA. Coach handbag, Limited skirt, white flats, all vintage.

Brunch at the Fry compound. Petaluma, CA. Zara dress, BCBG flats.

Tiki Disco. Brooklyn, NY. Zara top, Mathew Williamson for H&M shorts, vintage purse.

The 4th of July. Baker Beach, CA. Maxi dress by unknown.

Bocce ball. San Francisco, CA. Top, jeggings, and sandals, all BCBG.

Matt & Katie’s wedding. Treasure Island, CA. Rebecca Taylor dress, Michael Kors heels.

Mother daughter day at the lake. Arnold, CA. Zara dress, flea market hat.

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