Five Favorites

When I love something, I really love it. I’m incredibly loyal to the objects, be it an article of clothing or a seasonal ingredient, that I’m favoring at any point in time. That’s why I’m going to start sharing some of my obsessions. Here are five of my favorite things right now.

Nectarines. Specifically the ones from Big Trees Market in Arnold, CA. They are the best nectarines I’ve ever tasted and I can’t stop eating them. I have one every morning for breakfast and also toss them in salads or desserts.

Nars Niagara lipstick. I purchased this lipstick at the start of summer and I think I’ve worn it everyday since, no joke! It’s almost time for me to get a new one.

Val du Vino 2010 Grenache. I know it’s weird to be lusting over a red wine during August, but this smooth, incredibly drinkable and complex just plain wonderful Grenache tastes best when its slightly chilled. It’s only sold at the winery in Murphys and the owners, Jonathan and Jeannine, are so friendly it’s hard not to want to stop in for a tasting every time I pass through town.

Hawaiian Tropics Shimmer Effects After Sun lotion. I’m spending a lot of time swimming and tanning and I always put on after-sun lotion (that I normally keep chilled in the fridge) when I get home from the lake. This one gives your skin a bronzey, lustrous glow that is absolutely seductive. Seriously, I’ve had guys ask me what is going on with my skin! Bonus: it smells good — like coconut papaya.

Cris-cross back, full-skirted Nicaraguan/Mexican/Venezuelan (insert Latin American country here) princess dress (with pockets) from Zara. I got it on sale for only $20 and I want to wear it everyday! I sported it for an afternoon of wine tasting with Emily in Murphys and we had so much fun challenging ourselves to use a different Latin American country to describe it every time we talked about it.

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