Contemplating My Fall Look

Every year the hardest season for me to accept is fall. I never want to say good bye to summer and always find myself a little down when the days shorten and the weather cools. To get in the autumnal spirit, I’ve been thinking a lot about my fall look. Trying to decide what trends to invest in can be intimidating, so I asked an old friend and former colleague, Melody Nazarian (that’s her, below), for advice.

She’s just launched an awesome Dear Abby-style website where she helps readers with fashion dilemmas. Melody is a wonderful stylist and one of the most up to date fashion editors around, so I really value and trust everything she says. I wrote into her new site, Dear Melody, with the following question: “I would love to get a few new pieces to integrate into my Fall look. I want items that will spice things up, but that are also on trend and have lasting power. Plus, I’m on a budget and shouldn’t spend more than $250. Can you help me?”

Her response is inspired! She recommends that I invest in a statement cap-toe shoe, printed trousers or tuxedo jeans, and contrast-collar blouses. All articles that I love! She also says I should invest in oxblood denim and a pretty pink piece — both are items I already have in my closet, sweet! I’ve added Dear Melody to my daily reads because her suggestions are spot on. If you dealing with a fashion dilemma, she’s your go-to girl: she solves any problem with style.

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