My Thanksgiving Table

Although I enjoyed the last of the pumpkin cream pie leftovers yesterday, I’m still glowing from a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the holiday with some of my favorite people in the world and we had a spectacular meal complete with three deep-fried turkeys and three delicious pies for dessert. Since it was Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks today to my grandfather for hosting the dinner, to my father for frying the turkeys, to my brother for challenging me to make vegetarian gravy (it was a tremendous success!), to my mother for purchasing drip-less taper candles for the hanging candelabra, and to Julia for doing a beautiful table setting.

She was inspired by two images and when she suggested doing a table with a teal, coral, and copper color scheme, I couldn’t say no! The teal and coral were a breath of fresh air to the sometimes stuffy colors of the holiday. For place cards, Julia cut out the most adorable glittery acorns and glued them to gift tags.

We wanted to sew a table runner, but ran out of time, so Julia improvised by making a runner with decorative paper. It was perfect! The leaf decorations I made last year were incorporated into the background; we hung them from the dining room curtains. Here are some photos of the memorable meal and stunning setting.

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