A Sneak Peak of My Apartment Remodel

IMG_0343I’m currently in the middle of remodeling my apartment. It was just time for a complete and total re-haul and I’m shooting for a look that’s a little more mature (think framed art), but also one that incorporates my signature vibrant glam style. Although I’m far from being done, I thought it would be fun to share a little update on how things are going. Don’t worry, I plan on writing a before and after reveal when the remodel is complete, but until then, here’s where things stand right this very moment.

First things first, I removed the pink and purple damask wallpaper that was on the wall behind my bed. I thought it would be nice to incorporate some lighter elements into the decor. I originally planned to paint this wall bright pink, but on the way to the hardware store, I realized I was more in the mood for chartreuse green. This color is called Sweet Spring. I’m hoping it will bring a sweet spring into my life!

IMG_2081I spray painted my initial letter blocks hot pink. They aren’t done, yet. I have to paint a layer of sparkly pink glitter on top.


Ok, so I didn’t paint the wall bright pink, but my favorite color is being used heavily as an accent. Exhibit A: this awesome flamingo painting Katie got me for my birthday. There’s probably no surprises here, but the flamingo is my power animal.

IMG_2086I have a couple of cool collections that were previously hidden in the hallway closet. The first is my stack of Gourmet magazines. I saved my favorite issues from the last few years of its publication.

IMG_2088The second collection is matchboxes. My grandfather Al has the coolest assortment of matchboxes from all over the world and I love looking at it when I go to his house. He keeps them in a gigantic brandy sniffer. For now, I’m housing the matchboxes in this owl, which is an homage to Al (his power animal is the owl), but I’m on the hunt for a more fabulous apothecary type clear container to showcase the matchboxes.

IMG_2090I’m crazy about my new couch! It matches my Missoni for Target pillows perfectly. Julia gifted me the Kate Moss quote pillow by Jonathan Adler, which I also love. I used to have the quote written on a post-it on my fridge, but this cross stitch pillow seems so much more luxurious.

IMG_2092These golden stools were an impulse buy. I stumbled upon them on sale at Jeremy’s and knew I could not live another day without them. They’re currently a makeshift coffee table, but when I finally find the perfect coffee table, I’ll use them regularly as side tables, flanking the new sofa, and on special occasions as extra seating.

IMG_2096My parents have always used maps as art. When I was living abroad in Spain, I started to decorate with maps too. I was anxious to learn the street names in my new hometown, but also longed for a reminder of where I was from, so I plastered the kitchen walls with three maps: one of Cordoba, another of Spain, and a third of California. Every residence since has had a maps! I framed a San Francisco city map that I found at Paper Source and hung it in my kitchen. I’m not going to lie, I refer to it all the time. Especially when I get sick of Google Maps.

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