IMG_1959Have you noticed the new look of this website? I hope so! I’m excited to finally announce the changes! I figured it’s a new year and since I’m focusing on sophisticating my house and tightening my exercise regime, why not do the same thing on Six Twists? So, here’s what I’ve done:

First, I completely changed my WordPress theme. The font is simpler and more concise and the whole theme feels more streamlined. Next, I shot a fabulous table setting and used this image to create the new header. It even has a snazzy new motto: life’s one big party, isn’t it perfect?

Then, I reorganized all of my amazing content; it was my goal for it to be more accessible and easy to find. I also wanted it to be effortless for new readers to browse around and check things out. Click on Celebrate and you’ll find party planning suggestions, ideas, and menus — everything necessary for the most memorable event. Taste is where all of my recipes are housed. There’s everything from appetizers to desserts. There’s also a section titled Cooking Confessions and Tips. This is where you can read longer articles about my favorite cooking topics and learn about my personal mishaps and triumphs in the kitchen. Anything related to beverages, be it a recipe, whiskey, wine, beer, or bubbly, can be found under the Sip category. As I try to behave stylishly in all aspects of my life, the Style section houses fashion, beauty, travel, and living content. Click on Inspire and you’ll come across photo journals, inspirational articles, and a monthly feature where I highlight my five favorite things. Finally, Watch has all of my cooking and how-to videos in one spot.

The right hand side bar has been updated as well. There’s a definition of the term six twists, a bunch of new information about me, including my resume, services, and contact details, and a Follow section.

I would love to hear what you think of the new organization, so feel free to leave a comment or let me know. I’m looking forward to taking Six Twists to the next level and am happy you’re coming along for the ride!

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