How to Make a Glittery Sign

IMG_2188When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I didn’t really think about decorating the kitchen. However, now that I’m remodeling, I’m leaving no area over looked. I plan to decorate the kitchen chicly with maps, chicken art, and a giant gold glittery sign. I’ve always loved simple word signs like the Be Amazing light sign at Chambers on Eddy, so I decided to make my own Eat sign for the kitchen. Here’s how I did it:

Supplies: pencil, tape, poster board, glittery paper (I found mine at Paper Source; it comes in plenty of great colors), scissors, exacto knife, cardboard, glue, push pins or double sided tape for adhering the finished sign to the wall, and a fun font to make the template (I used Katy Berry).

IMG_16001. Print out the word in a large size on a sheet of paper. This will be your guide as to what the finished product should look like. Next, enlarge the font to be 800-1200 times bigger and print. It should take a few pieces of paper to print out each letter.

IMG_15992. Tape the letters together, the best you can, to form a template for the sign. Cut the letters out.

IMG_16013. Using a pencil, trace the template onto the poster board. My sign fit just perfectly onto the poster board. Cut out the poster board sign.

4. Glue the poster board sign onto the glittery paper, backwards. You want the glittery side to end up facing out. Lay on a flat surface and weigh down with heavy books for a day or 2. Cut out the sign. For the middle of the letters e and a, place the letter on top of a piece of cardboard. Use an exacto knife to cut out the small middle ovals. (Someone forgot to take a photo of this step.)

IMG_05685. Hang in your kitchen (or wherever you want) with push pins or double sided tape. Enjoy!

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