An Ode to Dinner


Dinner is my absolute favorite meal of the day. To me, dinner is the only meal that can be enjoyed leisurely each and every day of the week. Sure, breakfast and lunch have their moments, but they are reserved to weekends only. Dinner in all its splendor happens Sunday through Sunday, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

After a long day at work, a fun weekend about town, or a movie day at home, there is nothing more comforting than a luxurious dinner with family and friends. At dinner you can savor a glass of wine (or three) without having to worry about wasting away your afternoon.

Breakfast and lunch can be had for dinner, but dinner can not be had for breakfast and lunch. Instead of keeping to a certain type of food — eggs and bacon for breakfast, sandwiches and salad for lunch — the possibilities for dinner are endless. Dinner can be Mexican or Italian or Indian, while breakfast and lunch lack the infinite amount of choices.

Dinner is as delicious at home as it is at a restaurant. It is the time for birthday bashes, holiday extravaganzas, and first dates. A loved one can be surprised with a romantic dinner.

In the morning when I wake up, I never have much of an appetite. I prefer a simple breakfast of coffee and toast. Poor lunch is the most often overlooked: especially on super busy work days where eating a proper sit down meal fails to fit on my list of priorities.

Thus, the dynamic dinner is by far my most beloved meal of the day.

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