The First Step to Any Party: Inspiration Gathering


This week I’m planning a big birthday dinner for my auntie Aileen. It’s a milestone, so my cousin and I are going all out with an elaborate menu and festive decor. The first step to any party is to put together an inspiration board. Energized by a recent trip to Hawaii, Aileen’s instructions in regards to the look were “ocean colors of blues and turquoise with some palm tree green thrown in.” As for the menu, she requested “garlic shrimp for appetizers; perhaps leg of lamb and polenta with mushrooms and/or a risotto.”

These are great starting off points for the dinner. I used a personal photo of my parent’s visit to Hawaii as the foundation of the inspiration board. Then I browsed Design-Seeds for color palette ideas, Style Me Pretty for tablescape suggestions, and Martha Stewart for lamb recipes. Normally, I’ll gather everything on a Pinterest page, but today, I actually photo-shopped a fun board! (Some of the images are from the aforementioned sources.)

There’s 15 people on the guest list, so we will all sit at one long table. I’m going to check out the fabric store for some pretty material and hope to make either a tablecloth or table runner. If there’s nothing cool at JoAnn, then I’ll head to Paper-Source and select paper to use as the table setting. I love the idea of green flowers and large balloon garlands hanging from the ceiling (this idea is from Martha Stewart Weddings). Of course, there will be lots of candles, good china, and cloth napkins. Stay tuned for more of my party planning process!

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