Confession: I Strongly Dislike Coffee Table Books and Orchids

IMG_9774 - Version 2My apartment remodel is coming along wonderfully! On Friday, I added two key pieces: a new glass and stainless steel coffee table and an ikat lampshade. I love both items so much that they’ve finally inspired the title of my apartment’s official look which is, drumroll please, Winter in Palm Springs.

There’s still lots to do, like the gallery wall, the hallway, and the kitchen, but I’m beyond happy with everything so far. One of the things that I’ve enjoyed about the remodeling process is that I’ve gotten to know my home decor tastes better. I feel like I’ve had a pretty defined personal style for some time, but this never really extended to my home — until now!

Along with learning about what I like, I’ve also realized more about what I don’t like. I have a huge confession to make. I strongly dislike (I would say hate, but I promised my older brother I would try to stop using that word, so strongly dislike will have to do) coffee table books. And orchids.

IMG_9775Let me start with the orchids. Don’t get me wrong, I love orchids in other people’s houses and I think they are an absolutely beautiful flower, but I’ve decided orchids are just not for me. You see, I come from a long line of orchid killers. Anytime an orchid ever came into my parents’ house, even to this day, the orchid ends up dying. And not slowly, but rather quickly. It seems I’ve inherited the orchid-killer gene from my mom and dad because I can’t keep them alive either! I’ve gone through countless orchids and lovely friends keep showing up at my house with fresh orchids as hostess gifts and I keep killing them.

The one that’s currently in my house is dying as I write this. An orchid without blossoms is a rather stark and ugly plant. Have you ever looked at one closely? I have. The leaves gather dust, which I totally don’t understand, I mean it’s a living plant, I shouldn’t have to dust it when I’m cleaning, right? And the flowerless stems look like black twigs or spiders legs or witches fingers.

IMG_9763Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest I’m on to coffee table books. I just don’t understand the point of them. I mean, I do. They are supposed to sit decoratively on your coffee table and when guests come by for tea or whatever, they can leisurely browse them. That’s all fine and nice, but not true to my life. When I have people over, I use the coffee table as a table and put appetizers, napkins, and candles on it. How am I supposed to do that when it’s covered in heavy, over-sized picture books? Coffee table books are always super expensive, too. Why would I want to spend $70 on a book that no one is ever going to read and is just going to sit around and gather dust?

So, I’m banishing coffee table books and orchids from my apartment. I’m actually thinking about taking apart the Manolo Blahnik Drawings book and turning some of the images into art for my gallery wall. A favorite framed image from a coffee table book seems so much more original then the book, doesn’t it?

Thanks for letting me confide in you. I feel so much better now that the weight of coffee tables books and orchids has been lifted from my shoulders. How about you? Are there any popular home decor items that you strongly dislike? Now’s your chance to confess!

One thought on “Confession: I Strongly Dislike Coffee Table Books and Orchids

  1. Winter in Palm Springs made the cut – yay! And so funny you have the Manolo book. I had it in college, and I cut out the pages and decoupaged them to a side table. It was cheesy of me, but fun.

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