A Few Pics From My Super Bowl Party

photoWell, the Niners didn’t win on Sunday, but I have to say my Super Bowl party was a sweet success. There were 6 different kinds of dip, 8 varieties of beer (including the somewhat hard to find Brown Shugga by my favorite brewery, Lagunitas), 1 commercial bingo winner, 5 rounds of tequila shots, and 26 people crammed into my small studio apartment.

The Mexican bacon-wrapped hot dogs with all the fixings (refried beans, pico de gallo, salsa verde, cheese, spicy slaw, and mayonnaise) were glorious. Beyonce’s half time show was a major hit with the single ladies. Some blondes smoked on the fire escape.

For decorations, there were red carnations, sparkly red and gold paper, and a single 49er’s football balloon. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time. When my hostess work was done, a group of us went to the Mint for karaoke. Even if Kaepernick didn’t come through, it was an epic Super Bowl Sunday and there’s always hope for next year.

A special thanks to my amazing sister Patricia for taking these photos!

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