How to Organize Your Liquor Cabinet

IMG_6978When it comes to home organization, I’m pretty OCD. I’ve been living alone since my sophomore year in college and to say that I like things a certain way is an under statement. I like things just so. Always. When I was young my father used to say, “there’s a place for everything and everything goes in its place.” His words have stuck with me. The underwear in my top drawer is folded and organized by color, fabric, and function. The spices in my kitchen are arranged in alphabetical order. And my extensive alcohol collection? Well that’s perfectly organized, too. Here’s my technique for organizing a liquor cabinet.

1. Remove all of the bottles from the cabinet. As you take them out, sort them into categories. Vodkas in one area, tequila in another, gin in another, and so on and so forth.

IMG_11142. Get a pen and paper and make an alcohol inventory. Arrange it by spirit, brand, and flavor. My categories include vodka, browns (whiskey and rye), gin, tequila, rum, orange liqueurs, creams (Kahlua and Baileys), liqueurs (Chambord and Canton), and mixers (grenadine and orange flower water).

3. When you’ve finished the inventory, tape it to the inside of your liquor cabinet. Trust me, you’ll use the inventory. It comes in handy when mixing specialty cocktails because you can easily see what ingredients you have and what needs to be purchased. Also, when guests want a drink, you’ll be able to read their options without having to dig through the cabinet.

4. Put the bottles back in the cabinet keeping them grouped in their categories. Place unopened or little used spirits at the back of the cabinet or in other hard to reach areas. Take note of the bottle size versus shelf size. If some bottles are too tall, you’re going to have to find another place to store them. Place most used bottles in the front for easy access.

5. Celebrate your newly organized alcohol cabinet by making yourself a drink!


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