Inspiration Gathering: Brainstorming Luncheon

relaunchluncheonNext weekend I’m hosting a lunch in honor of this website! I’ve invited a select group of people who work in the media and restaurant industries to discuss the next steps in making Six Twists a success. I’m calling it a brainstorming luncheon and hopefully we will come up with some great new ideas.

I’ve already sent handwritten invitations to ten guests and I’ve got a rough idea of the menu. To start, easy nibbles like crispy prosciutto, roasted nuts, and olives. For the main course, I’m thinking comforting lunch dishes. Perhaps a big pot of spring soup with decadent grilled cheese sandwiches. Or maybe shrimp bisque with warm goat cheese salad. I’ve been dying to make chocolate cake, so I’ll probably do that for dessert and serve it with ice cream. Orange or strawberry?

As for the look, I’ll start with a super clean apartment — since it’s a lunch, I won’t be able to hide anything with dim lighting. The color scheme is pale pink with brown, grey, and bits of gold. I was inspired by a couple of images I found on Pinterest where kraft butcher paper is used as a tablecloth. I want everyone to be able to write their ideas on it, so pink pens in vases (a la Darcy Miller’s craft room) on the table are a must. I love the idea of doing a hanging menu on kraft paper. It will give the space both a laid back bistro and school classroom feel and provide a focal point for the party. For place settings, I’ll write the name of each guest on a grey balloon. Then, I’ll tie the ballon to the back of their assigned seat’s chair. Fun, right?! I’m also picturing lots of tight low bouquets of pale pink flowers — carnations or ranunculus.

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