Eat Here Now: Casa Mami

IMG_2887I greatly enjoyed the food in the Dominican Republic. The avocados, Caribbean lobster, local fish, and fresh passion fruit juice were amazing. One of our best meals (or two meals really because we went there twice!) was at Casa Mami. If you ever find yourself in Cabarete, make sure to dine at Casa Mami.

IMG_2890It’s not in the guidebooks, but it’s an awesome little spot with a view of the ocean that locals flock to for lunch and dinner. We ended up at Casa Mami by mistake: when we arrived at another restaurant that closed at 2 pm, the girl at the counter recommended that we walk a few blocks further out of town to Casa Mami.

The thing about Casa Mami that really resonated with my family is the fact that it’s owned by a Spaniard, but the chef is a Dominican woman. The menu has elements from both cultures, from tortilla and garlic shrimp to rice and beans and fried plantains. My dad and I love Spanish cuisine and my sister and mom love Dominican fare, so we were all very happy campers.

IMG_2885The sangria was exceptional, no doubt it was made with a native rum, Brugal or Barcelo, and Spanish vino tinto. The garlic soup, with bread and egg, was the best traditional Spanish garlic soup I’ve ever had. The broth was infused with the smooth enticing flavor of roasted garlic and the egg was like silky ribbons, perfectly cooked.

IMG_2884The Caribbean lobster tails were paired geniously with a garlic aioli. The goat stew was tender and excellently spiced. The meatballs in red sauce were so melt in your mouth wonderful that I couldn’t help myself and spooned the remaining sauce into my mouth.

IMG_2881Grouper was roasted and smothered in a thick onion gravy. The aforementioned plantains were perfectly fried and scrumptious with a shower of salt and a dunk of ketchup. The shrimp pasta was jam-packed with shrimp and each strand of pasta was coated in creamy garlic sauce.

Our meals at Casa Mami were the stuff that culinary dreams are made of. I’ll be thinking about their food for years to come.


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