How to Organize a Party’s Preparation

photoWhen planning a party, it’s important to stay organized. There’s so many tasks that have to be completed before the event that a detailed to do list is essential. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but if you make a list and check it twice, you’ll most likely be able to accomplish everything. To make things more manageable, arrange your to do list by day and perform one or two party preparations each day. Here’s how I organize my party’s preparation.

1. Start by making a master list of everything that has to be done, from purchasing groceries to making a seating chart to chilling glasses.

2. On a separate sheet of paper, make a day by day list of the tasks. Pick up the groceries a couple of days in advance and start cooking 2-3 days before the party. Think about the ingredients you will use. Does anything need to be defrosted or chilled over night? Factor this time into the list.

3. Cross things off as you complete them and make more lists as you go. I always end up having to run to the grocery store the day of the party for last minute items like fresh bread or another bottle of bubbly. I write out a list and add to it as I go.

4. The quickest way to cross something off your list is to delegate it to someone else! Ask a friend to bring ice, so you don’t have to take a last minute trip to the corner market. If one of your guests loves to bake, have them bring the dessert.

5. Set aside plenty of time to perform the party prep. A party doesn’t just magically appear. It takes time to make the food and set the table. Reserve several hours of both the day before and day of the party to concentrate only on completing the to do list.

6. No task is too small. Add everything to the list, from taking a shower to doing your hair, so you’ll know that it has to be done. It’s also rewarding to check these things off the list.

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