Changes + Links of the Week

I hosted a brainstorming lunch last Saturday. Talking with friends and colleagues made me realize I need to add a couple of things to this website. Were you able to notice the changes so far? First, I’ve added a search box to the upper right hand corner; hopefully this will make it easier to find my recipes and entertaining ideas.

To the right middle, there is now a list of my favorite websites. I read these regularly for inspiration. I’m also working on a Facebook page. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be liked up the wazoo.

Finally, I’m going to start doing a weekly link roundup starting today. These are links I love and things I think you might find informative or interesting.

One dinner party shot by four different artists is featured on the new Style Me Pretty Living. This goes to show how important it is to find the right photographer!

• If I lived in New York I would totally sign up for a flower designing class taught by the team from Saipua. Here’s a collection of their work curated by Dilly Dallas.

• I love love love the color palatte of mint and gold at this christening on the Sweetest Occasion.

• Tiffani Pratt has created a spring wonderland table for Rue and I’m obsessed with the sherbet streamer garlands.

• How fabulous are these DIY marbled napkins on Coco + Kelly? I’m so going to make them!

• I’ve started freelancing for the bridesmaid dress shopping site Weddington Way. Here’s my first story!

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