10 Ways to Celebrate Easter

IMG_9732Happy Good Saturday! Even if you’re not religious, it’s fun to celebrate Easter. Like every holiday, it’s a wonderful reason to get a group of friends and family together and throw a party. I’m spending all day today cooking with my cousin because my aunt is hosting 28 people for Easter brunch. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 easy ways to have an eggcellent Easter.

1. Wear pastels or florals or even better: pastel florals. It’s supposed to rain, but I’ll be sporting my floral-printed pants.

2. Paint your nails a spring color like baby blue, pale pink, lavender, apricot, or mint. Mine are lilac.

3. Go to brunch. Easter and brunch are like peanut butter and jelly — they just go together. Head to a friend’s house or your favorite restaurant or host a brunch of your own.

IMG_08874. Eat foods associated with Easter: ham, eggs, lamb, asparagus, lemon desserts (the above photo is of the lemon cake I made for Easter dinner last year). All of these are a must for meal time come Sunday.

5. Dye eggs. Decorating eggs is a great way to feel festive. To make it more fun, have an egg-dying competition and see who can create the prettiest egg. After you’ve dyed the eggs use them to decorate your house.

6. Plan an Easter egg hunt. If there are younger kids in your crowd, an egg hunt is a must. I still have fond memories of the Easters of my childhood where I would wear a special dress and look forward to searching for plastic eggs with my cousins.

7. Wear a bonnet. The British get to wear fun hats whenever they want, but it’s really only acceptable for Americans to wear them on Easter and to the Kentucky Derby, so take advantage of the holiday and sport your finest fascinator.

8. Watch Easter Parade. It’s a classic movie with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. Judy sings about wearing her Easter bonnet and parading on the Avenue, 5th Avenue.

9. Arrange spring flowers. Tulips, daffodils, and ranunculus are abundant at this time of year.

10. Eat a Cadbury Creme Egg. Enough said.


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