My Easter Menus

IMG_3439This year my Easter Sunday was jam-packed with eating and cooking. My parents and I attended three different celebrations! I did the majority of the cooking for two of the parties including a brunch for 30 at my aunt’s house and an intimate dinner for 5 at my grandfather’s place.

For brunch, my cousin and I spent most of Saturday afternoon prepping and we had tons of amazing food. To start, we had crostini with cinnamon cream cheese and agave-glazed apricots, classic deviled eggs, and Sweeney’s weenies (one of my dad’s signature dishes: an assortment of gourmet sausages, like roasted garlic and gruyere and chicken apple, grilled and sliced, served with dijon mustard for dipping).

Easter2For the main course there was apple cider and bourbon glazed ham, mushroom strata, prosciutto and asparagus strata, sliced bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, smoked salmon salad, and Irish soda bread. On the dessert table? Lemon cheesecake morning buns, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and brownies for the kids. I’m full just writing about all that food!

easter1Dinner was a more modest affair, although equally delicious. We had sparkling wine, cedar-plank salmon with a lemon, herb, and garlic vinaigrette, spring quinoa salad, and spinach with strawberries, feta, and candied pecans. I haven’t had a spinach and strawberry salad in a long time; I forgot how wonderful a combination it is! For dessert we had an assortment of chocolates and carrot cake leftover from brunch. What was on your Easter menu?

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