What I’ve Been Eating

IMG_3016As part of my new editorial calendar, I’m going to highlight my favorite dishes and drinks once a month. Here’s a look at some of the things, like this excellent homemade guacamole and icy cold beer, I’ve recently enjoyed.


Brussels sprout frittata. I wish I would have written out the recipe. It was good!

IMG_2446Fresh caught grilled sardines.


Oysters at Boxing Room. They’re $1 each on weekdays from 11:30-4:30!

IMG_0994Deviled eggs with caviar.

IMG_1054Perfect breakfast in the DR: Cortado+mini croissant.

P1000622Fish Tacos at Kite Club Cafe. These were double decker style with a crispy taco shell surrounded by a soft taco shell. Amazing, right? I’m going to recreate!

IMG_1105Piña colada made with fresh pineapple juice!

IMG_2695Seafood crudo at Casa de Papi.


Zuni‘s roast chicken with bread salad for two. I was worried this dish wouldn’t stand up to all the hype, but it did. It was phenomenal.


Boozy snow cones at Off the Grid.

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