Please Don’t Show Up Early to My Party

before2No matter how prepared I am, the last half an hour before a party begins is always chaotic. From lighting the candles to plating the appetizers to cleaning the wine glasses to popping the bubbly, there’s so much to do at the last minute. Not to mention, I usually have to change into my party outfit, throw on some makeup, and do something with my hair.

It is my extreme understanding of this pre-party scramble, this state of ‘will I get everything done in time?’ panic, that stops me from ever showing up to a party early. I understand what the event planner is going through and I respect her wish for me to arrive at the specified time or later.

after2To be honest, I actually find it rude when people show up to a party early! As a hostess, the last thing you want your guests to see is you running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to finish arranging the flowers or ironing the napkins.

Nobody wants to see the before photo of the party. They just want to enjoy the after! The only time a guest should ever show up to a party early is if the hostess has specifically asked you to come before the festivities begin. Otherwise, do not ever arrive before the specified start time. The time is listed on the invitation for a reason!

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