10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! Although Earth Day isn’t as commercial of a holiday as St. Patrick’s Day or Easter, it is worthy of its own celebration. There’s no better time to stop and smell the roses or simply look around and appreciate your surroundings. Here’s 10 easy ways to honor Mother Earth.

1. Go meatless and avoid eating any meat products. A plant-based diet is better for you and it’s Monday, so if you practice meatless Mondays you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

2. Plant something. An herb garden or fruit tree or pretty flowers.

3. Make a beautiful floral arrangement, wrap it in paper, and deliver it to a friend as a surprise Earth Day gift.

IMG_12494. Enjoy a green juice. My sister’s signature green smoothie is delicious. She combines kale, apples, tangerine juice, ginger, lemon juice, and water in a blender.

5. Go on a walk and stop and smell the flowers. Look down, look up. The world we live in truly is gorgeous! If you live in San Francisco and have never been to the Conservatory of Flowers, go! It’s so lush and tropical; you’ll feel transported.

6. Drink natural wine. I read the most fascinating article about natural wine by David Lynch over the weekend. It’s crazy to learn not all wine is natural.

7. Pick lemons and use them to make lemonade. This is how I’m celebrating! I picked a bunch of lemons from my grandfather’s tree last night. Today I juiced them and made lemonade.

8. Visit a local farm or farmers market. Buy seasonal produce. Use it to make a meal for loved ones.

9. Sign up for a CSA. Who doesn’t want fruits and vegetables delivered right to their doorstep?

10. Finish conversations with people you don’t know very well (the checker at the grocery store, the barista who made your coffee, etc.) with the phrase, “Happy Earth Day!”


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