My Favorite Things April 2013

IMG_1265It’s hard to believe that it’s already the final Thursday in April! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was figuring out which items I wanted to features as my favorite things in March. It has been a busy few weeks and I’m thankful to have a quiet night home to myself this evening. Here are my latest obsessions.

IMG_3623Pimenton Picante. I purchased this massive container of spicy paprika when I was in the Dominican Republic and I can not stop using it! After I salt and pepper a dish, I immediately reach for the pimenton. I sprinkle it on everything from fried eggs to croutons to roast fish. It just adds the perfect amount of subtle heat.

IMG_3621The Flower Recipe Book. I’m only on page 18, but I’m already totally smitten with this book. It’s basically a cookbook for floral arrangements. It highlights 43 different flowers and teaches you how to make 3 arrangements for each flower. It’s incredibly inspiring and instead of reaching for the same old vase, I’ve started experimenting with my vessels. Stay tuned, my new hobby, floral arranging, is about to get out of control!

IMG_1278Ranunculous. Speaking of flowers, my all time favorite flower is in season. Trader Joe’s sells single cuts for $4.99, so I’ve had a vase with ranunculous on my coffee table for the past three weeks or so. The soft petals are so pretty.

IMG_3626Michael Kors barrel ring. I picked up this ring on super sale at Jeremys. It’s missing a few of the small stones, but if I wear that part of the ring on the inside of my hand, no one can tell. I love how it looks like two rings in one. I also love how it’s both gold and rose gold.

IMG_3607Batasiolo Wines. I went to an amazing luncheon at Flour + Water where I was introduced to the wonderful wines of Batasiolo. The brand is from Piedmont and they specialize in Baraolo, but my favorite was the Roero Arneis, a lesser known white grape that’s all the rage in Italy right now.

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