How to Write a Thank You Note

IMG_1212The other day a friend was telling me how she was hurt that one of her friend’s, a bride, had not said thank you for all my friend, a bridesmaid, has done in preparation of the the bride’s wedding.

I was appalled and saddened that the bride didn’t make it a priority to say thanks — for planning the bachelorette, for helping her find the perfect gown, for sending the bridal shower invitations, etc. I understand that she’s busy, but a quick thank you note (or text!) takes seconds to write and can go a long way into making someone feel valued in a relationship.

I write thank you notes (and texts and emails) all the time and have done this for years. I believe a thank you note is required when someone has given you a gift, but I also send them to people who have invited me to dinner, helped me complete a project, or just play an important role in my life. Here are my tips on how to write the perfect note.

• Hand-written and sent through snail mail is the best, but if you don’t have time for that, an email thank you message is acceptable.

• Time is important. Don’t send the note too long after the gift was given.

• State clearly what you are thanking them for.

• If the recipient gave you a gift, say what you love about it or how you are using it. If the recipient had you to dinner or provided a service, mention a memorable moment or ask for a favorite recipe.

• Gift cards are gifts and require a thank you card as well. I normally like to tell the giver what I bought with the gift card.

• Keep things short and sweet and honest and heartfelt.

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