What I’ve Been Eating

IMG_1219I’m super excited that the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Summer is my favorite time of year and I know this one is going to be great: my sister is finally moving back to America and one of my best friends is getting married. Of course, there will be plenty of delicious food and drink involved. Judging by what I’ve been eating lately, there always is. It’s simply a constant thing in my life. Take, for example, these lemon drop cocktails. My grandfather’s Meyer lemon tree makes the most refreshing libations. Here’s what else I’ve been enjoying.

IMG_1326Trader Joe’s St. Andre cheese, smoked almonds, and olives.

IMG_3549Tuna salad.

IMG_3562A simple Spanish salchichon and white cheddar baguette.

IMG_3573Grilled asparagus.

IMG_3616Perfectly seared duck by Chef Thomas McNaughton of Flour+Water.

IMG_1374The Last Word punch with a kumquat ice block at the CUESA 20th anniversary party.

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