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IMG_1565I’m super excited for Memorial Day. It marks the unofficial start of summer, which is my favorite season. I always celebrate with my parents at our cabin in the Sierra Foothills and I’m looking forward to heading up there for a few days. Summer is also a very busy time of year: my weekends are filling up with events. Last Friday and Saturday, I stayed at a house in Clear Lake for a bachelorette party. I was in charge of Saturday night’s big dinner and the above photo is a snapshot of my menu. My friend Melissa did the chalkboard art design. I’ve got lots to do today, so here are a few links you may find interesting.

Three simple ways to arrange roses courtesy of Glitter Guide.

• How cool is this snake print lamp DIY on P.S. — I made this?

• I was saddened to learn that Grub Street San Francisco has shut down.

• If you’re a Giants fan, you should start reading the Brandons’ MLB blog. It’s so cute seeing how Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt describe things like home runs and new scooters.

• Two recipes I’m dying to try: Saveur‘s mustard and white wine braised chicken and Cooking Channel’s sun-dried tomato and basil macaroni and cheese.

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