How to RSVP

IMG_4157It may seem funny: writing a how to on RSVPing, but the art of responding to an invitation is not something the common Facebook user in their late twenties or early thirties knows how to do. It is a skill most party guests are severely lacking. Nobody RSVPs these days — and it makes me super sad. I’m helping host a bridal shower this weekend and so far we’ve gotten 9 RSVPs that include myself, the host, my sister and mom, the bride and the bride’s mom. We sent out 30 invitations and the party is this weekend. What are these girls waiting for?! Thus, I decided it’s time for a little lesson in RSVP.

• RSVP stands for répondez s’il vous plaît, which means ‘please respond’ in French.

• So, when an invitation says RSVP, it’s asking you to respond. This means you reply either accepting the invitation or declining the invitation.

• It’s rude to ignore an RSVP and simply not show up to the party. When guests do this to me, I make a note and won’t invite them to my next party.

• Likewise, it’s rude to RSVP yes, then not show up. If you’ve agreed to attend an event, you should go to it. A good hostess will make note of this, the guest who says yes, but then is a no-show. Tell me you’re coming and you don’t? I immediately place you on my blacklist.

•  It’s advisable to respond in a timely manner. The hostess has a lot of things to figure out that depend on knowing how many guests are attending the party. Don’t wait till the night before the party to RSVP.

• RSVPing is simply a common courtesy. The hostess has taken the time to put together an invite and send it to you. It shouldn’t be too much to ask that you reply.

• When you reply, keep the message short and cheerful. It’s polite to ask the host what you can bring to contribute, but is not necessary. A good hostess will let you know if she needs you to bring something to the party.

• After the event, send a thank you note!

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