Links of the Week

IMG_9808.JPGI’m sort of taking things easy this week. By this I mean I’m laying low in the evenings and not running around attending parties and cooking a million dishes for an event. It’s nice to have quiet time, so I’m really enjoying it. I’ve also been enjoying dog-sitting for my cousin. Staying at home is so much more fun when you have an adorable little dog to talk to. Here are some links I found interesting over the past week and also a little video that I star in!

• Style Me Pretty has a gallery of a 30th birthday party at Hog Island Oyster Company that makes me want to throw a party or even plan a trip out to the farm! Who is with me?

• Snippet and Ink featured a bunch of different ways to wear flowers in your hair.

• The Sweetest Occasion’s lime and ocean color palette is my new favorite color pairing for summer.

• Designlovefest’s flower bomb makes me wish I had a car!

• “Seek out the raw, unedited, unfiltered, and uncaptured, never to be filmed moments of your life, every single day.  Run wildly, love softly, and let your heart soar and expand, and take in more even when its too much.  Close your eyes and dance to the music you are listening too, sing the words out loud, even if you are in a public place like an airplane.  There is a fire lit within you, and you are the one that needs to carry the torch and stoke the flame.” Plenty of words to live by from my eloquent, wise-beyond-her-years sister. Find more on her blog, I Will Arise and Go Now!

• I just signed up for the Positive Prescription weekly newsletter. By socialite and doctor Samantha Boardman, it promises mind tonics, positive RX, and visual prozacs!

• While I’m the subject of positivity, Refinery 29 reports on a study that says we need seven hours of time to ourselves to live a balanced life.

• Finally, Thrillist SF invited me to participate in a traditional kopstootje. Don’t know what that is? Watch the video!

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