A Passion For Fry

IMG_1435As you know over the weekend, I helped host a bridal shower. The bride made few requests when it came to the menu, but she did specifically ask for a cocktail made with chinola, or passion fruit. After visiting the Dominican Republic in March, I developed a love for passion fruit cocktails, so I gladly expected her challenge to mass produce a passion fruit drink.

I say challenge because there are not a lot of passion fruit cocktail recipes out there and while I came across a few good passion fruit sangrias, I really wanted to do a spirit-based beverage rather than a wine-based one. Also, passion fruit juice is surprisingly difficult to find. I checked the Mexican market and could only find guava and tamarind nectars. Luckily there’s the Perfect Puree of Napa Valley! The Perfect Puree produces fresh fruit and vegetable purees that are used all over the nation by chefs and mixologists. They have a ton of flavors, ranging from apricot to pomegranate — including passion fruit. To use their purees, you simply dilute with equal parts water.

Once I found the passion fruit puree, it was time to work on the cocktail. I wanted something light and refreshing, that was easy to drink and somewhat boozy. Rum and gin were my top spirits, but after considering the rest of the menu, I chose gin. A rum concoction could end up being a little too tropical. It took four tries, but I finally perfected the recipe and I’m proud to say that the resulting drink is the best cocktail recipe I’ve ever created! It’s fruity, well-balanced, and wonderful. Since I was making it for a bridal shower, I came up with the fun name. The groom’s last name is Fry and alliteration is one of my favorite literary devices, so that’s that. Below I’ve included details on how to make a single drink and how to make a batch of 30 drinks.

IMG_1749A Passion For Fry

1 1/2 ounces gin (I used Plymouth)
3/4 ounce passion fruit juice
1/2 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 ounce mint simple syrup, recipe
1 ounce sparkling wine

  1. Combine the gin, passion fruit, lime juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice.
  2. Shake well to combine. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.
  3. Top with sparkling wine and enjoy immediately.

Makes 1 drink.

To make a large batch:

5 cups + 5 ounces gin
2 3/4 cups passion fruit juice
2 cups fresh-squeezed lime juice
3 3/4 cups mint simple syrup, recipe below
1 bottle sparkling wine

  1. Combine the gin, passion fruit, lime juice, and mint simple syrup in a punch bowl. Refrigerate over night.
  2. Add the champagne and serve immediately with glasses and ice.

Makes 30 drinks.

Mint Simple Syrup

1 bunch of mint
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water

  1. Place the mint, sugar, and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat. Stir the mixture to dissolve the sugar.
  2. Once it has boiled, remove the pan from heat and set aside to steep for about an hour. Strain the mixture into a jar. Discard the mint.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups. Please note that to make the cocktail batch, you’ll need to double this recipe, so 2 bunches of mint and 3 cups each of sugar and water.


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