10 Reasons My Dad is Amazing

meanddad My parents are on vacation in Florida right now, so I won’t be spending Father’s Day with my dad. Instead of suggesting ten ways for you to celebrate (like I do for every other holiday), I thought it might be fun to change things up and do a virtual Father’s Day card for my big poppy. Here are 10 reasons why my dad is awesome . . . and probably way cooler than yours.

1. He drives me around. I don’t have a car and haven’t really driven in about 6 years. Luckily my dad doesn’t mind playing chauffeur and takes me to Petaluma from the city a few times a month. He’s also been known to take a group of us girls wine tasting!

2. He’s a wonderful cook. He is the person who taught me how to make pasta carbonara and brownies. He also makes me things like shrimp and grits for breakfast!

IMG_34803. He appreciates Spain just as much as I do.

4. He loves trying new restaurants and is always willing to bring me along.

5. He surprises me with little things, like Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese or Three Twins Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream, that make me incredibly happy.

6. He performs the manly jobs in the kitchen like shucking oysters, carving meat, grilling, and deep frying turkeys. Plus, he’s always willing to help me batch cocktails or throw a party!

7. He’s madly in love with my mom and still enjoys seeing her dance in a miniskirt on a bar after three top shelf margaritas.

8. He answers my stupid questions about sports — and only makes a little fun of me while at it.

9. When at a beach bar or other fabulous location, he’s the first one to ask, “do you want another drink?”

10. He supports me in everything I do and loves me just the way I am, which is really the best thing a parent could ever do to a child, right?


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