Hosting a Dinner Party in a Home That’s Not Yours: Do or Don’t?

IMG_9735Today I was supposed to share my recipe for spaghetti with clams, but I’m not happy with the photos I took the last couple of times I made this dish, so I’m skipping the recipe and want to discuss something that’s been on my mind. Would you host a dinner party in a house that isn’t your own, but a house that you happen to be house sitting?

Throwing a party in a house that you don’t live in, without permission of the owners, seems totally inappropriate and rude and also makes me think of high school. However, the type of party I’m talking about is very different from the red-solo-cup fueled keggers of my under aged drinking past. I’m talking about an intimate dinner with a small (8-10) group of adults around a table that’s impeccably set with flowers and candles enjoying a homemade meal of delectable dishes. How could hosting this sort of soiree be bad?

IMG_9677My sister is house sitting for my cousin and his wife until July 29 and they have the perfect house for entertaining. There’s a dining room with a table that seats 12, a separate kitchen and living room, and a private roof. I’m dying to throw a dinner party there, but know it might not be right.

Sonia once hosted a dinner party at my apartment while I was in Spain and I thought it was absolutely fabulous of her, but I know not everyone loves parties as much as I do. I’ve been struggling with this for a couple of days and would love to get your opinion on the matter.

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