My Favorite Things June 2013

IMG_0317I blinked and June was over. I had a wonderful month filled with lots of fun — a picnic in the park, a wine-filled dinner party with friends, a couple of great days spent with family by the pool, and some crazy nights out with my favorite ladies. It feels like time is speeding up, especially when I’m happy and the weather is warm. July is sure to pass by just as quickly. All of my weekends, but one is jam packed with barbecuing, a wedding, and a milestone birthday celebration. But before July begins, let’s look back at the things I was loving during Junio.

IMG_2847Patricia Hogan Sweeney. My beautiful little sister has finally returned home! I’m so happy that she’s back and am thankful that she’s going to be a more regular presence in my life. She’s been running around like a Dominican chicken with its head cut off, from nursing school to work at Chronicle books, so I’ve been spoiling her with homemade dinners. I’m excited to spend the long 4th of July weekend with her at the cabin!

IMG_4015Emily Post Etiquette. My mom came across a 1945 printing of the classic tome on American etiquette and she bought it for me as a surprise. I’m obsessed with reading it. What’s so shocking is that most of her advice feels very modern. Substitute the word ‘text’ for ‘letter’ and the section on relations between men and women is very relevant to today’s world.

IMG_4013Juicy Couture Beach Bag. I was hurrying to exit the Westfield after picking up a gift for a friend when a green and khaki palm tree print caught my eye. It was a canvas beach bag at Juicy Couture. In a past life I would have bought the bag immediately, as I was instantly enamored, but living off of a freelancer’s salary, I simply admired the bag and walked away. Like all true loves it stayed on my mind for several days, so I looked it up on Shopstyle with the plan to Pin it, but something miraculous happened. I found it on sale at Macy’s for only $60 — which was more than 50% off. Clearly it was a sign. I’m debuting it this weekend in San Diego.

IMG_3526Apricots. I’ve tired of strawberries and cherries and all I want to eat are juicy, sweet, fleshy, wonderful apricots. Their color is so lovely. I have them for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon with cheese, crackers, and nuts. I recently served them grilled on a cheese platter with honey and they were a complete hit.

IMG_1736The San Francisco Flower Mart. I go to the Flower Mart on Brannan and Sixth Street several times a year, usually before hosting a party. However, I rarely host events in June and had never been to the Flower Mart at this time of year until recently. I was amazed to discover the widest array of gorgeous flowers ever. I can’t stop thinking about the peonies and roses and daisies and hydrangeas. I loved it so much it made me wish I lived close to the market, so I could go weekly and make lots and lots of lovely arrangements.

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