My Favorite Things July 2013

IMG_2040Oh my goodness! Where is the summer going? During the warm months, I wish I could slow down time. Luckily, I’m writing this on the drive up to the cabin, where everything moves at a sluggish, yet happy, pace. Every weekend in July was jam packed, so I’m thankful to have down time to catch up on my reading, tan, and cooking. Here are the things I was totally obsessed with over the past thirty days.

IMG_4350The Tracy Anderson Method. Although I’ve been working out regularly for a few years now, I recently decided to take my exercise regime to the next level. Enter Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer to the stars and the woman responsible for Gwyneth’s amazingly slim and toned body. I’m doing her 90-day program, Metamorphosis. It consists of 30 minutes of dance cardio followed by 30 minutes of intensive muscular structure training and every 10 days, the routines change. It’s tough, but so far I’m loving it!

IMG_4300Dinner Salads. A new focus on my body requires a renewed outlook on eating. I’ve been trying to eat lots more vegetables and fruits, including being vegan before 6 PM. The market is filled with a bounty of ripe produce, so it’s the ideal time to be making salads. I’m really into dinner salads, a massive salad with protein and cheese and sometimes croutons. These salads serve as an entire meal, hence the name ‘dinner salad’ and are lovely paired with a glass of chilled rosé.

IMG_4338Incanto Rosé Frizzante. Speaking of rosé, I been really into drinking this highly affordable bottle from Trader Joe’s. It’s fruity, but dry with the loveliest pink color and delicate bubbles. It’s under $7, so I don’t feel bad stocking up on a couple of bottles and drinking it as my everyday sparkler.

IMG_4348S by Lisette Cover-Up. My parents went to Florida for a few weeks in June and my mom brought me back this chic Brazilian beach cover-up. I love how the collar is lined with gold detailing and how the length is totally Goldilocks: it’s not too long or too short. Here’s a fun fact about me. The beach cover up is my all time favorite article of clothing and I have quite the collection of them!

photoEmily and Krys Fry’s Wedding. My oldest friend Emily finally got married to her charming beau and we all had such an amazing time at their DIY ranch wedding. From the moving ceremony to the scrumptious tres leche cake to the barn dance party, the entire event was perfect and one that I will never forget. I was honored to celebrate with the couple, my family, and friends.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things July 2013

  1. I loved meeting you at the wedding and really enjoyed your “Mayan Riviera Chic” ensemble.

    Love your blog!

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