Party Fabulous: Chili Lime

IMG_4364I was recently out for snacks and drinks after the Giants game and came across a really inventive way to serve lime with a spicy twist. A small plate displayed half a lime that was covered in some sort of spice. At first I didn’t really know what to do. Why is this lime covered in rust-colored powder?

Never one to be intimidated by food, I shoveled ceviche onto a plantain chip, picked up the lime half, and squeezed. Heavy drops of lime juice infused with chili powder (or was it cayenne? or pimenton?) splashed onto the ceviche. My thoughts changed from wonder to amazement. This is a genius and fun way to season things!

Simply slice citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, any citrus works!) in half and dip into a bowl of spice. Use the spiced juice to flavor a dish. If a citrus halve is intimidating, start with a wedge of lime, lemon, or orange. Squeeze a lime dipped in salt over margaritas, an orange dipped in paprika over lamb chops, a lemon dipped in powdered sugar over strawberries. . . the possibilities are endless!


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