Links I Love!

IMG_2244I don’t know what it is about August, but for some reason it’s hard for me to focus. Maybe it’s because I know that all of Europe is on vacation, so I kick into vacation mode as well. My apologies for the inconsistency in regular posts. I promise after Labor Day, I’ll be back and better than ever! Here are some stories I’ve enjoyed recently.

• First, I would like everyone I know to please read this XOJane article entitled Stuff Not to Say to Your Single 30-Something Friend. Then promise me you’ll never say any of those things to me. Kthxbye!

• Into the Gloss has a fascinating piece on how my personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, got her start.

• You know how to make a tissue paper flower, but do you know how to make a tissue paper flower garland? A Subtle Revelry teaches us how!

• I love this scroll menu that’s featured on Martha Stewart Weddings.

• Recipes I’m hungry to try include Tasty Kitchen’s limoncello ricotta cake and Saveur‘s crispy calamari with pesto mayonnaise.

Lastly, I would like to wish my amazing, adorable, and supportive parents happy anniversary! They got married 38 years ago on today’s date and are still very much in love.


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