Party Fabulous: Nip Favors

IMG_1329If you’re hosting a party, say a wedding, where the bar is only serving beer and wine, think about giving a nip as a favor. (A nip is a miniature bottle of alcohol; Bevmo sells just about every spirit and brand imaginable.) Last year, I attended a wonderful wedding where everyone received a nip of Patron tequila. The mini bottle wasn’t just a favor, it also served as a place card — talk about multitasking!

During the best man’s speech, he invited everyone to open their nip and take a shot to toast the couple (shot glasses were a part of each place setting). This was an affordable way to get the party started and loosen up the crowd without having to worry about guests getting too drunk. I’ve always thought nips were fun favors and even more so when you incorporate the drinking of the alcohol into the celebration.

Nips are also awesome as game prizes: at my Super Bowl party I had an assortment of spirits to present to the winners of commercial Bingo. When using nips as an award, get a variety: bourbon, gin, tequila, vodka, Fireball, so people can choose their favorite. Another fabulous Nip idea: if you’re stocking a piñata for an adult-themed celebration, fill it with plastic miniature bottles of alcohol.

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