My Favorite Things August 2013

IMG_4576As I mentioned yesterday, the end of August always bums me out. When I was younger, I dreaded returning to school. The days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and the delicious tomatoes and cantaloupe are replaced with boring apples and butternut squash. Sigh. Luckily I had a lovely August: I spent a long weekend in LA, saw Paul McCartney at Outside Lands, and went swimming every single weekend! Here are my favorite things from the month.

IMG_4552Southsides. I’ve made this classic cocktail too many times to count over the past month. Erick Castro originally taught me his recipe awhile back and I only recently introduced the mint and lemon concoction to my mother, who has been requesting them twice a week since. Southsides are light and refreshing and after discovering a massive mint field off the highway on the way to the cabin, I have fresh mint in the house always!IMG_4559Sunset Terrace. 24 years ago my parents purchased a cabin the Sierra Foothills in a small town called Arnold. The house has a large deck and a beautiful view of the sunset every evening, so we named it Sunset Terrace. I’ve been spending as much time as possible up here. The mountain air and laid-back lake-side lifestyle is wonderfully relaxing. I never want to leave!

IMG_4581Lancome Lipstick in Posh Pink. Speaking of Sunset Terrace, a couple of summers ago I was cleaning out the bathroom and came across a hot pink lipstick with no lid. I put it on and started wearing it, eccentrically like a crazy old lady who does water aerobics, every time I came to the cabin. I realized I needed to get a pink lipstick for my non-cabin life, so I popped into Lancome and had the sales girl help me pick out Posh Pink, a lovely color that I sometimes like to match my nails with.

IMG_4575Chilled Red Wine. This is a custom I picked up from annual summer visits to Spain. Red wine should be served at cellar temperature and 86°F is not that. When it’s hot out, I love putting my bottles of red into the fridge or an ice bucket for 20-30 minutes before I plan to drink it. There’s something about the chilled temperature that is strangely comforting.

IMG_4569Costco Burrata (by BelGioioso). When I was in LA, I cooked a big Sunday dinner for my siblings and a friend. We decided one of the dishes would be a peach and burrata salad. We were running errands and got some of the ingredients at Costco. I didn’t think Costco was going to sell burrata, but they do! And it’s surprisingly good and super cheap!

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