What I’ve Been Eating

Last night I had the most amazing citrus-brined grilled chicken. I can’t stop thinking about how delicious it was. My cousin was visiting from Philadelphia with her boyfriend who happens to be a chef. He made us the chicken which was succulent, flavorful, and perfectly chicken-y. It reminded me of the roast chicken they serve at Zuni Cafe because it was incredibly simple, but so unbelievably good. Even the skin was excellent! I didn’t take a photo of it, but the chef did say he would share the recipe with me, so stay tuned for it! In the mean time, here’s some other memorable meals I’ve enjoyed recently.

IMG_2139Grilled sardines and icy cold canita.

IMG_2152Strawberry pink grapefruit rosé sangria.

IMG_4273Smitten‘s brioche bun ice cream sandwiches.

IMG_4355Chopped cobb salad.

IMG_2261Lobster and burrata pizza at A16.

IMG_4489Grilled lamb with vegetables at Balverne winery.

IMG_4508Oysters from Tomales Bay.

IMG_2265Crostini with avocado, tomato, and queso fresco.

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