Slacking Off (Sort Of) and a Toast

IMG_2322I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last shared a story with you — eeek, my sincerest apologies! I have no real excuse except that I’ve been super busy. I celebrated my birthday with two weeks of fabulous fun that included a polka-dot themed dinner party with lamb shanks and tomato ombre, an American’s Cup rum extravaganza, drinks with my favorite girls, birthday cake with dad, and a beach weekend in San Diego.

I managed to do all of this while also starting a new job! I’m really excited about this position because it allows me to improve both my culinary and spanish skills. Plus, I’m working for a pretty amazing employer.

IMG_2391Anyway, now that we’re into October, I’m ready to establish a routine of work and writing. I’m hoping to update Six Twists once a day, every Monday through Friday. However, if this doesn’t happen, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. One of my birthday goals is to be for myself and this means not putting myself down when I don’t write a post or skip a workout or eat that second piece of banana cream pie.

I’ve also got tons of new ideas and visions for this little website. Expect lots more great party content! In the next two months, I’m planning a baby shower, a 60th birthday party, and a tailgate.

This doesn’t even include Halloween or my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, so grab a glass and toast with me! Here’s to Fall, more regular posting, and being on your own team.

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