Links I Love!

IMG_2320Although I haven’t been updating a lot recently that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading fascinating stuff of the internet. Here are some articles I’ve found interesting as of late.

• Marc and Angel Hack Life has a great list of 10 ways that happy people prioritize.

• My sister and her best friend pointed me toward this Huffington Post article on how to get flat abs, have amazing sex and rule the world in 8 easy steps.

• Style Me Pretty Living posted a helpful roundup of where to buy the best party accoutrements on the web.

• Oh Happy Day is hosting a letterpress class that I kind of want to go to.

• How fabulous is Julep’s balloon chandelier?!

• Grown Up Shoes shares an awesome Dom Perignon quote that I’m going to start saying all the time: “Come quickly my friends, I am tasting the stars.”

• Making new business cards is on my fall to do list and Camille Styles has some fun ones.

• Aida Mollenkamp’s white wine fall sangria sounds heavenly.

• Lastly, watch this video to learn more about my sister’s life in the rural Dominican Republic.

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